January 5, 2011

The Food Idea: Maxie's Southern Comfort

If you happen to:

1) Find yourself in Milwaukee, WI
2) Enjoy seafood
3) Have a comfort food craving

I suggest you take the time to visit my new favorite southern-inspired culinary retreat: Maxie's Southern Comfort. The restaurant opened in 2007 and has consistently been rated among Milwaukee's best since.

My meal at Maxie's orbited around an entrée recommended by a friend: the simply titled Shrimp and Grits. Below a buttery helping of perfectly cooked grits rest a school of shrimp, seasoned to invoke feelings of Creole incarnate with each bite. I also managed to sample the Blackened Catfish Creole, which sustained the restaurant's propensity for quality.

Maxie's atmosphere went hand-in-hand with its food, delivering a classic, comfortable setting conducive to conversation and friendly get-togethers. I would definitely suggest Maxie's for anyone looking for a good date restaurant- it's casual, trendy, the food seems to be consistent throughout, and it's not overly expensive (I paid about $15 for my meal).

For more information, visit Maxie's Southern Comfort's website at www.maxies.com

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