January 11, 2011

The Sightseeing Idea: Navy Pier

If you've never seen the Chicago skyline, the Navy Pier is definitely one place to do it. Although we went in the winter, I would suggest visiting in the summer, when the temperature outside isn't unbearably cold and when everything outside is open (including the outdoor shops and the theme park). Max and I walked in the mall for a while, toured the arboretum, looked at the stained glass gallery, and took a very (VERY) short walk outside. We happened to stumble by a nice couple outside who took a beautiful picture for us (see above).

By coincidence, there was a cheer and dance championship (!) happening in the mall at the same time, and seeing kids younger than 10 in short shorts with belly buttons showing and heavy make-up was a very unsettling sight. What has our world come to? I swear, I would never let my kids wear such a skimpy outfit when the weather outside is below freezing (actually, I wouldn't let them wear something like that at all).

Anywayyy, the stained glass gallery was nice. There were a few Tiffany pieces on display and I even took a picture of my favorite one:

I guess my only complaint is how expensive parking was ($18!). Although it's to be expected in a big city, I can't say that our 2 hours there was truly worth it. I'm sure it's much better in the summer. I would say that the Navy Pier is one of those places that you visit once every 10 years (or more).

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